Burberry finally decided to change a new CEO

Burberry obviously need to do something. Finally, on Monday, it decided to replace his own CEO.

According to WJS reports, Burberry Group announced that Marco Gobbetti will replace Christopher Bailey (Christopher Bailey) as Burberry Group CEO, while the former Christopher Bailey only retain the brand creative director position, which means that by Christopher Bailey in charge of Burberry The era of the group officially ended.

Unlike the CEO of 2013, the former CEO Angela Ahrendts suddenly announced that he would switch to Apple to do retail, causing the company’s stock crash fell 7.6%, Christopher Bailey’s forced to step down to let Burberry shares rose nearly 5% The For Mr. Bailey sad, after all, not long ago, he accepted a 75% reduction in the request.

Due to the sharp drop in Chinese tourists in Hong Kong and the European continent, the Burberry Group said its turnover in the second half of the year would fall by 1% to $ 2.1 billion, a direct result of a stock crash of 7.9%, which was officially taken from Bailey in May 2014 Over time, the company’s stock has fallen 22%.

Burberry chairman John Peace said that now the luxury environment is bad, Burberry situation is not good, so Marco Gobbetti took over the CEO, let Bailey will focus on the design again. “Burberry Group did not expect Bailey’s dual identity to have a negative impact on the brand, in fact, they should let Bailey focus on its best at the design, double responsibility for him brought too much restraint.” “We hope Can be more suitable for people to lead Burberry through the current difficulties. “Peace said that in January this year, the revitalization of the strategic assessment has been shown, Burberry need is a more substantial change. And in the past at least six months time, Burberry has been looking for new CEO candidates.

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