burberry needs to find a new way to be saved

After the show today, I visited a Beijing Burberry shop, as the industry earlier forecast is that Burberry’s look that is to buy a formalism in the shop did not see a show field synchronization of clothing products, staff told the need to shop Or online booking, as the arrival time is uncertain, and Burberry official propaganda is very different, Burberry earlier said that the brand display of 83 sets of clothing more than 250 single product instantly through the online and 100 countries of the physical retail synchronization sell.

Asked the shop flow than ever before did not increase, the shop a staff officer said no change. The author visited the global traffic ranking site alexa query, Burberry official website visits did not increase, in the official website to visit the source, the United States accounted for the highest 23%, China accounted for 12.5%, Japan accounted for 11.5%.

Analysts said the 160-year-old Burberry’s blind pursuit of speed, not only fashion show very hasty, but also so that suppliers are very tired, and this simply can not be achieved, the long run will let consumers feel tired. This quarter of New York Fashion Week, Thakoon Panichgul 2016 autumn and winter series using part of the look that is to buy the model, although through this model has received a lot of orders, but he said: “There is an idea, the implementation needs Accounting for 95%, because it is not just design.

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