The importance of anti virus software

A computer being an electrically enabled device for storing and processing data to information requires sets of instructions to perform. These inbuilt instructions guiding the computer to execution and operation are called software. It also encompasses the protocols and activities of the operation of a computer system. Examples are windows media player and Operating System.

As the computer runs its operations, it is prone to attacks by threatening programs that destructively interferes with a computer system to malfunction. These are viruses programmed by cyber criminals. Examples are, Nimda and Stuxnet.

For this reason, antivirus software is needed. These are ‘guards’ obstructing attacks from and by viruses or establishing the viruses in the computer and cleaning them off so that the computer performs effectively. Examples are Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky all accessible from trusted companies at a subscription fee.

The anti-virus program also eradicates other attackers such as Trojan horses and worms. These may not necessarily be viruses but hold damning effects. These programs can be downloaded or purchased. They come with instructions easy to install and operate. They may conveniently run either on the desktop or email servers. The user regularly updates it to the latest versions for effectiveness and relevance to emerging threats.

Benefits accrued from having an antivirus program are limitless and they include;
First, a program like Avira safely secures your information and files from being lost or destroyed from the system.

Also, it ensures your computer is literally up to speed because viruses tend to drag and slow down the computer functioning processes.

Moreover, a program like Bullguard Security blocks away spam and ads that come bearing viruses into your computer. It makes surfing through the internet secure from potential attacks.

To add on, the Malwarebytes program establishes and locks away hackers and their programs set out to steal your data.

Lastly, it helps scan and kills viruses that are contained in infected devices like flash disks and USB when transferring data to or from your computer.

In conclusion, if a computer depicts a dwelling place, then the antivirus ensures its safety under lock and key.